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Salted Egg Chips

Salted eggs have been popular amongst asian cuisines for quite some time, so it was only a matter of time until they were incorporated into snacks.  


What are Salted Egg Chips?

Salted eggs chips are chips with one crucial ingredient… salted eggs! A salted egg is a duck egg that has been cured in brine for several weeks. Incorporated into a range of traditional meals amongst Chinese and Vietnamese culture, it is known for its rich flavour. Salted Egg chips combine potatoes and salted eggs, with an experiment of various flavour coatings. The chips are made by firstly frying the potato and then coating it in the buttery golden sauce, achieving an irresistibly tasty snack that differs from your regular chips due to its unique flavour.   

Salted eggs are an excellent source of nutrition due to their yellow yolk which contains omega-3 fatty acids and 50% more vitamin A than regular chicken eggs. Duck eggs also contain a high amount of protein. It is no surprise that salted egg yolk chips have become so popular, after all it is the combination of two great foods; salted eggs and potato chips!  


Best Salted Egg Chip brands?

Where to buy Salted Egg Chips?

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