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Japanese Whisky

Japanese Whisky undertakes a specific distilling process, leading to the creation of their distinct alcohol beverages. Some factors that play a role in the unique distilling process include the use of water mountainous areas, the use of specific Japanese wood within the aging process and the use of malted barley often imported from Scotland. The Japanese culture tend to take a disciplined approach to the process, which is adequately reflected in their dedication to developing premium whisky.   


The history of Japanese Whisky

Despite there being no recorded history around the initial production of Japanese whisky, we do know that some breweries began producing the spirit as early as the 1850s. Japanese whisky made history during 1923 when Suntory established the country's first official whisky distillery. Famous whisky figures within Japan, such as Masataka Taketsuru who is known as “the father of Japanese whisky” have made historic contributions to the whisky market, being the founder of Nikka Whisky following studying the process within Scotland. Shinjiro Torii, founder of Suntory, also played a large role in the development of the Japanese whisky industry. 


Different Whisky styles and how to choose the best one for you

At Calia we stock a variety of distinctive Japanese whisky, all varying in flavours. When selecting the best whisky for you we recommend considering the unique flavours, whether the whisky has been chill filtered, additional ingredients and the quality of the cask in which the whisky has matured. We also encourage you to speak with one of our friendly staff members both in store or online for further assistance! Start by checking out a few of our favourites:


How to enjoy your Japanese Whisky?

There are many factors that come into play when creating the perfect whisky experience. There are many ways to consume Japanese whisky, although traditionally it is recommended neat. Depending on the occasion, there are specific foods that compliment the spirit when paired together, such as seafood, roasted meats and cheese. Above all, we recommend taking the time to appreciate the aroma and quality of your whisky and find what’s most enjoyable for you!  


Japanese Whisky delivered Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide

Take advantage of Calia’s friendly & knowledgeable staff both in store and online when purchasing your Japanese Whisky. Convenientlyorder takeaway online to be enriched with the authentic Japanese culture from the comfort of your home, or make a reservation at your preferred Calia restaurant. Shop online today to enjoy free standard shipping for domestic orders over $120. 

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