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Originating in China, Yuzu was introduced to Japan during the Tang Dynasty. Today, Yuzu is mainly cultivated in Japan as it can survive the harsh winters experienced in north-east Asia. The fruit offers exceptional health benefits, having 3 times more vitamin C than that of a lemon.  


What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a traditional Japanese citrus fruit that has been a traditional part of culture for a great time. The fruit is used extensively within Japanese cuisine to bring out flavour within traditional dishes. The physical appearance of a Yuzu fruit is quite similar to that of a mandarin, in which they share yellow-orange bumpy skin and grow in a circle shape, although it has quite a hard exterior. Despite being a fruit, Yuzu is not to be eaten like one. It is instead juiced and incorporated into Japanese dishes to lend a powerful zesty fragrance.   


How to use Yuzu?

The juice of a Yuzu is generally extracted from the fruit and included in a range of dishes to bring a powerful, yet tangy flavour to the dish. The zest of the fruit can also be included in dishes to create a unique taste. A little bit goes a long way when cooking with Yuzu, due to it’s intense bitterness. The use of Yuzu has infinite applications in sweet recipes, as it does in savoury. 

Once extracted, the juice is used as a souring agent amongst traditional dishes and beverages, such as:

  • 1. Tarts and cakes
  • 2. Yuzu plum wine or Yuzu alcohol 
  • 3. Ponzu sauce
  • 4. Asian-style soups 


What are some popular Japanese foods that contain Yuzu?

Calia stocks a range of Japanese products that include Yuzu as a main ingredient. Check out a few of our favourites:

  • Kewpie Yuzu Mayonnaise takes a spin on the classic Kewpie mayo, including Yuzu to create a tangy yet citrusy outcome. The perfect addition to those traditional Japanese dishes, we recommend pairing it with seafood to enhance your taste palette! 
  • Sugi Bee Garden Yuzu Honey combines the sweetness of natural honey with the tangy Yuzu fruit to create the perfect balance. Try this fruit infused honey with homemade pancakes and fresh fruit for a delicious summer breakfast!  
  • AFURI Super Spicy Yuzu Shio Ramen comes from Tokyo’s famous Afuri Ramen restaurant group and straight to your kitchen! This top-selling noodle cup contains a soup base made from meat and seafood stock, combined with Yuzu and red pepper spice to create an enhanced flavour. 
  • Japanese Yuzu Spice is a traditional take on the spices commonly incorporated into traditional Japanese dishes. Awarded with a bronze medal in the 2019 Australian Food Awards, this spice mix is the perfect addition to rice, noodles dishes or as a topping on meat and seafoods.   


Where can I buy Yuzu foods?

Take advantage of Calia’s friendly & knowledgeable staff bothin store andonline when purchasing your favourite Yuzu Japanese foods and drinks. Conveniently order takeaway online to be enriched with the authentic Japanese culture from the comfort of your home, or make a reservation at your preferred Calia restaurant. Shop online today to enjoy free standard shipping for domestic orders over $120.

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