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Matcha & Hojicha

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea, known for its distinctive way of preparation, in which it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. Similarly, Matcha is a finely ground powder of green tea leaves, widely consumed within Japan.  

What are the best Matcha & Hojicha snacks?

Matcha & Hojicha are commonly incorporated into the creation of traditional Japanese foods, due to their similar origins. Some of our favourite Matcha & Hojicha snacks include:

  • 1. Calia Matcha all day is the ultimate package for the green tea lover! It combines a range of popular Matcha & green tea inspired snacks and alcoholic beverages. 
  • 2. Calia Matcha & Hojicha Artisan Cashew spread bundle of 2 combines variations of the handcrafted Australian cashew spreads, created using Uji Hojicha and Matcha direct from Kyoto, Japan. We recommend the spreads on toast, banana bread and crackers! 
  • 3. Japanese Matcha Kit Kats &Hojicha Kit Kats are the perfect snack for your sweet tooth! Kit Kat combines their widely loved traditional chocolate with flavours of Matcha and Hojicha to create a mouth watering snack!   


What is the difference between Matcha & Hojicha?

Despite both originating from Japanese green teas,Matcha andHojicha share many differences. Initially, the teas present vast colour differences- Matcha is of bright green tones while Hojicha has a dark reddish-brown colour, although both slightly alter depending on harvest times and quality. 

Both of the teas alter in appearance as they undertake different grinding processes. Matcha powder involves stone-grinding flat dried tea leaves, in which a fine green powder is formed. Whereas Hojicha traditionally involves slowly roasting tightly rolled dried leaves, stems and stalks which creates a loose leaf tea. Hojicha is commonly ground to create a fine powder.   

The taste is a large difference amongst Matcha and Hojicha. Matcha that is of high-quality tends to be slightly sweet with a savoury base flavour, whereas lower grade matcha generally has a bitter taste. Hojicha embodies a naturally sweet taste, with nutty elements. 

The caffeine content in Matcha is quite high, being similar to that of a coffee at around 70mg per cup. However, Hojicha tea has a low caffeine content, with around 8mg of caffeine per serving.


Where can I buy traditional Matcha & Hojicha inspired foods?

Take advantage of Calia’s friendly & knowledgeable staff bothin store andonline when purchasing your favourite Japanese inspired Matcha & Hojicha snacks. Convenientlyorder takeaway online to be enriched with the authentic Japanese culture from the comfort of your home, ormake a reservation at your preferred Calia restaurant.Shop online today to enjoy free standard shipping for domestic orders over $120.

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