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Hojicha Tea

Hojicha tea originated from Kyoto, Japan, during the 1920s, in which its popularity quickly grew as a result of its unique flavour.  


What is Hojicha?

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea, known for its distinctive way of preparation, in which it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. Hojicha tea has gained worldwide popularity due to its unique taste that is gained throughout the roasting process. The beverage presents mild flavours and can be consumed at any time, as it has low levels of caffeine. Hojicha tea is generally made from the lower-grade leaves of bancha tea. However, other varieties of hojicha tea also exist, such as sencha and kukicha.         


What health benefits does Hojicha have?

Both soothing and low in caffeine, the consumption of Hojicha powder promotes an extensive range of healthy outcomes for the body:

  • 1. The L-Theanine agent contributes to relaxing effects on the body, making the tea beneficial for de-stressing, while fighting against depression and anxiety.  
  • 2. Promotes clear and youthful skin due to the Vitamin C.
  • 3. Includes catechins that help to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, and overall support a healthy heart. 
  • 4. Catechins found in Hojicha tea work to boost the body's metabolism, while the increased fibre assists in colon health while working to reduce the body’s fat absorption.  
  • 5. Alleviates swelling pains caused by arthritis. 
  • 6. The polyphenols contained in the leaves assist in improving oral health. 


How to brew Hojicha for the best flavour?

In order to yield the full benefits from Hojicha tea, it is important to brew it accordingly. It is recommended that users brew the tea using a teapot, as this will allow for tea leaves to move around, extracting maximum flavour and keeping the strength even. It is essential to adjust the temperature in accordance with the grade of the tea, as the higher the grade, the lower the temperature should be. When brewing your Hojicha tea, consider the size of your glass to prevent brewing tea that is either too strong or too weak. To adequately preserve your tea's flavour, store it within an air-tight container, in a dry and cool environment. 


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