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Truffle chips

Japanese truffle chips combine truffle with the popular snack, potato chips, to create an irresistible snack! Variations of truffle chips include unique flavours such as parmesan and honey dijon, allowing for a mouth watering snack wherever you are.


What is Truffle?

Maybe you’ve heard of truffle, but you aren’t quite sure what it actually is? Truffle belongs to the fungi family, however unlike other mushroom varieties, truffles grow entirely underground amongst tree roots. Truffle is commonly sourced from within Italy, however it can also be found in similar Mediterranean environments around the world. So, why are truffles so expensive you may be wondering? Their high price-point comes from the fact that they aren’t easy to come by. Truffles are a seasonal produce and can only be grown in the wild, contributing to their limited existence. Truffles have become a popular ingredient across various cuisines, in which you will commonly find them in pasta or even as flavouring in your favourite snacks. 

What are some of our favourite Truffle Chips?

Here at Calia, we stock a range of popular Japanese truffle fries, created with the finest ingredients for your pleasure. Some of our favourites include:

  • Aroma Truffle & Co Black Summer truffle chips are a popular choice amongst truffle chip lovers, which comes at no surprise to us! Made from exotic black summer truffles that have been delicately harvested from Italy, these chips will leave your taste buds tingling in the best way possible. The thick, crunchy-ridge chips have been tossed in olive oil and parsley for further promotions of flavour.  
  • Tartufi Jimmy White truffle & sea salt potato chips are a classic option! Made from premium ingredients, these truffle chips are sure to become your new go-to snack. Coated with a simple sea salt flavour, these truffle chips have been created with the finest truffle. 
  • Aroma Truffle & Co Black Summer Truffle Chips- Honey Dijon are the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. With a unique spin on traditional truffle chips, these chips have been glazed with slick honey mustard and topped with mint leaves. Taste the aroma of the world’s strongest truffle chips! 
  • Calia Movie Night Pack makes movie night simple & delicious! Containing a selection of our favourite truffle snacks, paired with mouth watering butter and jalapeno popcorn- these flavour combinations can’t get any better!   


Where can I buy truffle chips?

Take advantage of Calia’s friendly & knowledgeable staff both in store and online when purchasing your truffle chips. Conveniently order takeaway online to be enriched with the authentic Japanese culture from the comfort of your home, or make a reservation at your preferred Calia restaurant. Shop online today to enjoy free standard shipping for domestic orders over $120. 

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