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Japanese Snacks

Japanese snacks are known for their bold designs and unique flavours, in which the flavour combinations are often experimental. In recent times, Japanese snacks have become popular amongst tourists due to their ability to incorporate tradition with a wide variety of flavours. Traditionally, Japanese culture has created snacks that range from sweet to spicy and salty.  


What are some of our favourite Japanese snacks?

  • Popular Snacks amongst the Japanese culture don’t just embody rich and unique flavours, but they generally include bold and colourful packaging. Some most loved Japanese snacks include Pocky, which is a pretzel stick infused with unique tastes and coated with cream flavours, such as chunky strawberry, almond crush and matcha green tea.
  • For the Adventurous. Calia stock a range of eccentric Japanese snacks that are sure to embrace your tastebuds. If you’re looking to try something new, we recommend trying the UHA Kororo Muscat Gummy, which is a gummy candy made from 100% fruit juice. Another unique snack that you may love is the Levain crunch hokkaido cheese biscuits, which are known for their baked cheese-flavoured cream on a crunchy cracker.  
  • For Gifting. Gifting is made easy with Calia’s surprise japanese snack box! Including a variety of the latest and most popular japanese snacks, your surprise box will be individually created, ensuring an element of surprise with every box. Looking for a gift for the kids? Get your hands on one of our keep your kids busy bundles, including a combination of Japanese desserts that the kids can both play with and enjoy. 


Where can I buy Japanese snacks?

Take advantage of Calia’s friendly & knowledgeable staff bothin store andonline when purchasing your favourite Japanese Snacks Australia. Convenientlyorder takeaway online to be enriched with the authentic Japanese culture from the comfort of your home, ormake a reservation at your preferred Calia restaurant.Shop online today to enjoy free standard shipping for domestic orders over $120.

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