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Kit Kat

Kit Kat. One of the most well-known chocolate brands across the world and one of the most popular confectioneries in the whole of Japan. Take a look at our onlineKit Kat collection withCalia and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! 

Why is KitKat so popular in Japan?

You may have heard that Kit Kats bars are one of Japan’s favourite sugary treats. But have you ever wondered why there are so many different Japanese kit kat flavours, why a kit kat gift would be a token of good fortune, or why there is such demand for vegan kit kat online? The answer is that the humble Kit Kat is a symbol of good luck in Japan, as the well-known name closely resembles the Japanese phrase‘Kitto Katsu’ which means ‘you will surely win’. 


What are the different flavours of Kit Kat Flavours?

Japanese Kit Kats have a wide variety of vegan Kit Kat flavours experimenting with the weird and wonderful, ranging from classic chocolate to wasabi. With our Calia collection, you can try a range of exciting new flavours imported straight from Japan to enjoy an unmatched Kit Kat gift in Australia. These include:

  • Matcha Kit Kat: This Kit Kat flavour uses ground uji gyokuro tea leaves that have been mixed into the chocolate to add a new bitterness to the traditional Kit Kat block. 
  • Hojicha Kit Kat: With roasted Japanese green tea, this Kit Kat bar offers a unique roasted umami flavour. 
  • Strawberry Kit Kat: With a sharp and biting flavour, this Kit Kat block has little bits of strawberries throughout to enrich that strawberry flavour. 
  • Café Latte Chocolate Kit Kat: By combining a rich cocoa taste into the chocolate mixture, this Kit Kat bar has a rich, lasting flavour. 
  • Peach Parfait Ice Cream Kit Kat: About as unique as they come, this blending of peach and vanilla ice cream lends a fruitful sweetness to the Kit Kat block flavour. 


Shop Japanese Kit Kat Online in Australia

Imported from Japan, our collection of Japanese Kit Kat bars offers a variety of vegan Kit Kat flavours and tastes. Look at our Kit Kat online selections, ready to be delivered to you across Australia. Whether you are looking for a Kit Kat gift or something for yourself, our range of Japanese Kit Kats, along with othersnacks andchocolate, are the perfect indulgence for your sweet tooth.

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