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Healthy and Refreshing Sugi Bee Honey Recipe

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Healthy and Refreshing Sugi Bee Honey Recipe - Calia

Here's What Can You Do with Our World Famous Japanese Honey Sugi Bee at Home:


1. As a refreshing drink: dilute them with water in a 1:5 ratio.
2. Mix vodka or gin with them for a delicious cocktail.

3. Pour over yogurt or ice cream.
4. Use as an ingredient for jellies and sherbets.
5. Use as jam on bread or pancakes.


Available in 5 different flavours: 
Lemon Honey - The combination of sweet and sour flavors creates a refreshing taste in your mouth.
Kyohou Honey - Grape produce a sweet as well as sour flavor leaving a fresh aftertaste in your mouth.
Mango Honey - Mango's flavor complements the honey perfectly.
Blueberry Honey Contains a high percentage of blueberry juice. Blueberries are believed to be an aid to eyesight.
Yuzu Honey - Yuzu" is a type of fruit from the citrus family. This product contains citric acid which helps recovery from fatigue and refreshes the body.


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